Photo of Kirsten Sadler Edepli

Kirsten Sadler Edepli, PhD

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    • ADJUNCT ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR | Medicine, Liver Diseases
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    • English
Our laboratory studies the epigenetic regulation of liver development and liver cancer and the relationship between ER stress, the unfolded protein response and fatty liver disease. We use zebrafish, cell biological and genomic approaches to uncover the fundamental biological processes that govern these phenotypes.  For  detailed information, please consult our lab website.

The Sadler laboratory belongs to:
The  Department of Developmental and Regenerative Biology
The Department of Medicine/Division of Liver Diseases
Training areas in Development and Stem Cell Biology, Cancer Biology and Genetics and Genomics

The Mount Sinai Zebrafish Facility is managed by Dr. Sadler.

Research Topics

Cancer, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Diabetes, Embryology, Genetics, Liver, Morphogenesis, Obesity, Organogenesis, Oxidative Stress, Regeneration, Tumorigenesis


BA, Mount Holyoke College

MMSc, Harvard Medical School

PhD, Harvard University

fellowship, Massachusetts Institute of Technology