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    • ASSISTANT PROFESSOR | Psychiatry
    • ASSISTANT PROFESSOR | Neuroscience
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    • English
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    • The Mount Sinai Hospital
Through independent research and collaborations, Dr. Fan has conducted a series of studies on attentional networks. An Attention Network Test (ANT) was developed to provide a behavioral measure of the efficiency of the three attentional networks. Behavioral, developmental, patient, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), event related potentials (ERP), and genetics studies were conducted to investigate the anatomy, circuitry, pathology, and development of attentional networks. It was shown that the executive control network is highly heritable. Performance in resolving conflict relates to two dopamine genes. Subsequent imaging-genetic studies on a smaller genetically defined cohort showed that specific variants of the MAOA and DRD4 genes contribute to individual differences in functional activation of the anterior cingulate gyrus and other brain areas. The computational modeling offered the real possibility of linking and cross-validating findings from different studies and provided comprehensive predictions for the interactions among these networks.

Multi-Disciplinary Training Area

Neuroscience [NEU]


PhD, New York University