About the Office of Surgical Outcomes and Quality Improvement (SOQI)

The Mount Sinai Hospital Department of Surgery's Office of Surgical Outcomes and Quality Improvement (SOQI) is committed to improving the quality of surgical care. Our program has distinguished Mount Sinai surgeons as leaders in surgical quality and performance improvement. Maintaining high standards in this area is an essential part of patient care at Mount Sinai. Our dynamic quality and performance improvement process is driven by accountability, which is reflected through our outcomes.

Led by Celia Divino, MD, FACS, Chair of the Department of Surgery's Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement Committees, top-tier care is achieved through an active quality assurance and performance improvement process. These collaborative committees include high-level assessment of patient outcomes through the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP). NSQIP data helps us identify essential trends in surgical care and delivery. In addition, NSQIP data guides us to identify and resolve issues. Our quality initiatives play a vital role in the patient experience at Mount Sinai.

Excellence Achieved by Monitoring and Reporting Surgical Outcomes Data

SOQI collaborates with key stakeholders throughout Mount Sinai, in order to ensure that the safest methods are applied to all areas of patient care. We monitor outcomes data on a regular basis, to help identify where we can improve and enhance the delivery of surgical care. Every aspect of care stems from the team-based approach, which is why effective communication is a valuable component to our success. Our team works hand-in-hand to report errors, reduce complications, and communicate medication compliance with patients. Creating a culture of transparency is pivotal to achieving excellence in surgical quality outcomes and reporting. Our multidisciplinary approach allows SOQI to track trends within surgical care and share up-to-date guidelines. The evidence-based data we gather allows us to develop pathways, which streamline the surgical process of care for our patients. This tried-and-true method has earned us distinguished rankings as leaders in health care quality.

Through a combination of interactive online tools, data analysis, research, and physician feedback, SOQI allows the Department of Surgery to accurately assess future trends and outcomes in patient care. In order to achieve 100 percent data capture, the Surgery Department utilizes an internal database, which collects and trends all surgical complications, as reported by senior and Chief Residents. The database allows for sophisticated and detailed data capture and is multi-functional. All of the surgical cases are tracked from admission to discharge, as well as any pertinent updates (such as readmissions or complications). Each entry on the database is then reviewed to assess the standard of care provided in each unique case.

In addition to utilizing the database for the monthly Quality Assurance Committee meeting, reported complications are discussed during a weekly Morbidity and Mortality Conference. These conferences serve as teaching experiences for the surgical residents, who present the case during the Conference.

The information obtained from the database is used in conjunction with the data collected through the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP), which allows for comprehensive data capture. The benefit of two complementary databases and arenas for data analysis allows the Department of Surgery to address issues and maintain high standards of care for its patients.

Tops Rankings Reflect Mount Sinai's Dedication to Surgical Quality

Mount Sinai works hard to ensure that patients receive the best surgical care, which is the reason why Consumer Reports has rated Mount Sinai as a top academic medical center in New York State for surgical quality outcomes. Every day, our surgeons commit to clinical excellence and enhancing the well-being of patients receiving surgical care.

Meet Our Team

Celia M. Divino, MD, FACS
The Stanley Edelman MD Professor of Surgery
Vice Chair, Education & Quality
Chief, Division of General Surgery
Program Director, General Surgery Residency

Danyelle Gowie, MPH
Quality Improvement Research Analyst

Richard Liu, MS, MPH
Quality Improvement Monitoring Analyst

Reba Miller, MBA
Quality Improvement Program Manager

Richetta Givens, BBA
NSQIP Administrative Assistant

Contact Us

Office of Surgical Outcomes and Quality Improvement
Department of Surgery

Phone: 212-241-6509
Fax: 212-410-0111

5 East 98th Street, 15th floor
New York, NY 10029

The Mount Sinai Hospital Recognized for Third Straight Year

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