Externships at the Learning and Development Center

Mount Sinai’s Child Outpatient Psychiatry Externship is a unique opportunity to gain experience in both neuropsychological assessment and psychotherapy. The externship is approximately 2.5 days per week, and externs will work on a variety of clinical and research projects. The vast majority of assessment will be done with children ages 4-17, however there will be opportunity for at least one adult assessment and one adult psychotherapy patient if the extern is interested. Psychotherapy cases generally include a young child, school-age children, and adolescents. The externship is for psychology graduate students only.

To apply, please email a completed application (including a cover letter, CV, copy of one testing report, and letters of recommendation) to Ami Norris-Brilliant, PsyD. The externship is open to third, fourth, and fifth year students. We participate in the externship guidelines. Previous psychotherapy experience is required.