Information for Patients

First Appointment Essentials

In preparation for your first appointment, you will likely need to get medical clearance from your physician. Eating disorders can lead to serious medical complications, regardless of an individual’s weight, and patients often require fairly frequent medical monitoring.

Optimal care includes a multidisciplinary team approach which includes medical, psychological, nutritional and psychopharmacologic services. In accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Academy for Eating Disorders, we require that patients get a comprehensive assessment by their physician which should include a complete set of vitals and a thorough physical examination.

  • Vitals should include: A lying pulse and blood pressure followed by a standing pulse and blood pressure, respiratory rate, oral temperature and height and weight.
  • Initial laboratory evaluation should include: A complete blood count, comprehensive serum metabolic profile, magnesium, phosphate, thyroid function tests, and gonadotropins and sex steroids (luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone and estradiol).

Please have the lab results faxed to our clinical coordinator at 212-849-2561. If you have had a recent bone mineral density test or electrocardiogram, please bring these test results with you to your first appointment as well. For adolescents, please bring with you a copy of your growth chart from the pediatrician.

For your convenience, please print and complete this medical clearance form, which lists all the previously mentioned medical requirements, to bring to your physician.