About Depression Care at Mount Sinai

Anyone affected by depression—from a young mother struggling with postpartum symptoms to a grandparent living with major depressive disorder—understands how hard it can seem to find the right help. At the Mount Sinai Department of Psychiatry, our psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers draw on extensive clinical experience and leading-edge research to develop the most successful treatment plan for each patient.

With specialists in adult, child, and geriatric psychiatry, our team is skilled in providing the full range of treatment options, including pharmaceuticals (such as antidepressant medications), psychotherapy (such as cognitive behavioral therapy), and the growing field of device-based treatments (such as transcranial magnetic stimulation). In addition to proven therapies, our role as a lead research center gives our patients access to the newest treatments in the form of clinical trial enrollments, making Mount Sinai a destination for challenging depressions that haven’t responded to therapies elsewhere.

Treating Mild to Major Depressions

For patients who are struggling with mild or moderate depressive symptoms and looking for basic care, our Faculty Practice Associates and Outpatient Psychiatric Department Clinic offer the experience of highly-skilled therapists, who provide a range of treatments, from various talk therapy techniques to pharmaceutical options.

For patients suffering from more serious, treatment-resistant depressions, we offer advanced therapies through our Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program, where specialists employ innovative research to provide patients with a comprehensive diagnosis and customized treatment plan. Mount Sinai also offers emergency services and inpatient care for those requiring an intensive therapy environment.

Combining Science with Compassion

Far from the stigmatized public image mental illnesses have acquired, we view depression as a disease like any other, with concrete causes and ever-improving treatments. Mount Sinai is proud of its leadership role at the forefront of researching new therapies, as well as our work to uncover the biological causes of depression. We are committed to translating this growing body of science into the best possible treatments, administered by our team of compassionate specialists who personalize those therapies for each patient.

The goal of our research-enhanced care is not only to alleviate the immediate pain of acute depression, but to ultimately return our patients to being their best selves—reconnecting with loved ones, re-engaging in activities, and enjoying life to the fullest.