Huffington Post - "Palliative Care Information Act at the Bedside: Achieving Truly Informed Consent"

New York, NY
 – July 23, 2011 /Press Release/  –– 

New York has a new law, called the Palliative Care Information Act (PCIA). It's simple, and short, and outlines a specific standard for doctors who care for patients at the end of life. The PCIA says when a disease has advanced to the terminal phase and a patient is unlikely to survive six months, doctors must offer to inform them of this, and advise them of available treatments aiming to bring comfort, not vanquish disease. At this point the disease is beyond reasonable hope of vanquish, and the symptoms may escalate to the point of intolerance. In November 2010 Frontline aired a documentary called “Facing Death.” Filmed in the bone marrow transplant unit at The Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, it shows intimate scenes of distress, confusion and grief. It reveals chilling examples of physicians following an imperative to attack disease, however miniscule the likelihood of success and irrespective of associated suffering. Learn More