Time.com - Dr. Michael Hausman: “Rashad Johnson Gives Football a Middle Finger”

New York, NY
 – September 24, 2013  –– 

The Arizona Cardinals player found part of his finger in a glove during Sunday's game. The trauma happened during second quarter punt play. “I was going down to cover,” Johnson explained, “I came in to try to make a tackle and when the play was over with I got up and could feel my hand was kind of numb. I took a look at it, and there was blood coming out of the glove.” The good news is that players can recover from these types of injuries quickly. “Fingers heal remarkably well,” says Michael Hausman, MD, Chief of Hand and Elbow Surgery at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. “No one really understands why. It’s an interesting phenomenon. We wish we understood more, so that we could transfer their healing capacity to other parts of the body.”
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