New York Times - Dr. Michael Hausman: "Oops, There Goes Another Fall on the Ice"

 – February 7, 2014  –– 

After several recent heavy snowstorms in the city, emergency rooms have reported as much as a 300 percent increase in what seemed to be snow-related maladies. Who is injured and how often reflects one’s station in life. At Mount Sinai, where he sees the gamut of Upper East Side calamities, Michael Hausman, MD, chief of hand and elbow surgery at The Mount Sinai Hospital, saw a correlation between injuries and “the degree of vanity.” “I’m always amazed at how many people I see walking around in the snow with high heels or stiletto-heeled boots, instead of crampons and hiking boots,” he said. (Rain boots are bad too, he said, because of their smooth, flat soles.) “They’re slaves to fashion and they pay the price,” Dr. Hausman said. Learn more