Glaucoma refers to a group of diseases that damage the optic nerve. Rising eye pressure is often a major factor in glaucoma, which can result in partial or complete loss of vision.

Glaucoma Prevention Tips

More than 2.5 million American ages 40 and older have glaucoma – and the impact of this degenerative eye disease is on the rise. It's estimated that this number will increase by more than 50 percent by 2030. The risk factors for glaucoma include age (individuals 60-years-old and older), family history, diabetes, high blood pressure, eye injuries, congenital defects, and African American and Hispanic ethnicity. While glaucoma can show few or no symptoms before progressing to advanced stages that impacts vision, the ophthalmologists at The Mount Sinai recommend taking the following steps to prevent glaucoma or at least detect it in its early stages:

  • Find out if there is a history of glaucoma in your family
  • Schedule regular eye exams to help preserve unnecessary vision loss

Mount Sinai offers expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma. Our researchers and clinicians have been engaged in the field of eye care and research since the mid-1880s. More than 18,000 people seek eye care at Mount Sinai each year. Our eye care professionals are dedicated to providing you with the finest treatment available today.