Meningioma Grading

The World Health Organization classifies meningiomas from grade I to III based on location, type and histological features, such as the anatomy of its cells and tissues. Using a 3-tier grading system, a Mount Sinai team of physicians will examine your tumor’s tissue and will assign it a grade. The grade of the meningioma will help determine the treatment plan.

  • Grade I is the most common and benign. Grade I accounts for 90 percent of all meningiomas. These meningiomas will be monitored if they are not producing symptoms.
  • Grade II meningiomas, or atypical meningiomas, usually grow more rapidly than benign meningiomas and have a higher chance of growing back.
  • Grade III is the most aggressive and is considered malignant. Grade III meningiomas are more aggressive and can grow at a faster rate than lower graded meningiomas and recur more often. Grade III meningiomas accounts for only about 2 percent of meningiomas. When it comes to Grade III meningiomas, men are more likely to have a high rate of cell division, also known as mitosis, and the tumor can spread to other locations. In this instance, complete removal of the tumor, followed by radiation therapy is likely the treatment plan.


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