Hearing Aids

At Mount Sinai's Hearing and Balance Center, board certified doctors of audiology perform evaluations to assess hearing and determine if hearing aids are appropriate. The choice of hearing aid depends on the severity of hearing loss, your lifestyle, and your cosmetic preferences. Our team offers patients the full line of the latest technology hearing aids and assistive listening devices.

Hearing aids are sophisticated electronic instruments. Digital technology enables hearing aids to manipulate sound so that sound is comfortable and audible in varied listening environments. Modern hearing aids have automatic noise management and directional microphones to make it easier to converse in noisy environments. Hearing aid accessories may provide connectivity to your cell phone, MP3 players and other devices, while you are using your hearing aid.

While hearing aids will improve the remaining hearing, it takes time to adjust to amplification, but it is worth the effort. The audiologists at Mount Sinai will guide you through selection of devices, device fitting and follow-up visits. At Mount Sinai, we provide unparalleled professional care directed to the individual needs of our patients, with the goal of improved each patient’s quality of life through better hearing.

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