Vision Voice Film: June 8th at East Harlem International Film Festival

Mount Sinai Diabetes Center and Communities IMPACT Diabetes Center cordially invite you to the Vision Voice Film Debut on Friday June 8th at 6pm at the East Harlem International Film Festival.

New York, NY
 – June 4, 2012 /Press Release/  –– 

The Vision Voice Film was selected among many entries from around the world for this festival. Vision Voice is a photography and film project that seeks to bring attention to the importance of vision health in a community with high rates of diabetes and other chronic conditions that affect eyesight.

When: Friday June 8th at 6pm
Where: East Harlem International Film Festival, Poet’s Den Theater, 309 E 108th St.
Link to film festival:

The film lasts 15 minutes, and will be followed by a Q and A with our project team and participants. The photography exhibit will be on display in the adjacent Poet’s Den gallery and there will be a “red carpet” event before the screening at 6p.

If you mention Mount Sinai Diabetes Center or Communities IMPACT Diabetes Center at the door, admission is free.