Children’s Environmental Health Resources

Below you will find a list of helpful resources containing valuable information about children's environmental health issues:

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Environmental Health Perspectives Children’s Health Resources

US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)

Children's Health Protection homepage:

US EPA: “Live, Learn, Play —
Tune Into Your Health and Environment”
This is an activity book for children ages 8 to 15, complete with games, puzzles and lots of information about children’s environmental health, and an original rap song about environmental health. This is a great tool for community groups, schools and others interested in teaching children about their health and environment. You can order it for free at

US EPA: “Protect our Children, Protect our Future”
A good overview of environmental health issues of concern and a comprehensive list of resources for parents. This brochure introduces the reader to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s efforts to protect children’s environmental health.

US EPA: Search by where children live, learn and play

US EPA: Children’s Health Resources