Innovative Technology 

We have implemented different technology solutions that assist us in taking the best care of our patients. Mount Sinai understands the usefulness of having electronic systems that allow for better information flow. 

EPIC, our electronic medical record, helps Mount Sinai with our efficiency, patient safety, communication and patient care. The "one patient, one record" approach improves care by connecting pieces that have previously been fragmented. As patients move throughout various parts of Mount Sinai, their providers have access to current information and are positioned to make the most appropriate clinical decisions. 

Medical Event Reporting System (MERS) is an integral part of the patient safety initiative at the Mount Sinai Health System. MERS captures information that assists us in understanding why unfavorable events happen and ultimately, in improving patient safety. MERS is an electronic tool that facilitates continuous improvement in patient safety through the systematic collection, investigation, classification, interpretation and monitoring of information about events where patients are harmed or almost harmed. 

Medication Safety Reporting System (MSRS) consists of a computer application that identifies potentially inappropriate medications or doses on all of our inpatient units. The MSRS makes it possible to protect patients from potential excessive doses, drug interactions, drug duplications and missed orders. The MSRS was developed at Mount Sinai and has had a key role in making medication administration safer at Mount Sinai.