Pregnancy and Childbirth at Mount Sinai West

Whether you are having your first baby or adding to a growing family, you want a health care team you can trust. At Mount Sinai, we find a way to provide skilled, compassionate care using the latest and safest practices. Our obstetricians, midwives, specially trained nurses, and nursing assistants, anesthesiologists, and technicians work together to give you the birth experience you’re looking for. If needed, your team may also include one of our maternal-fetal medicine specialists, who focus on high-risk pregnancy. We listen to your needs and preferences, providing the option for a more natural childbirth experience.

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Our Services

For our low-risk patients, we offer a minimal intervention approach. You can choose to:

  • Walk during labor
  • Receive intermittent monitoring
  • Use pain-management alternatives, such as hydrotherapy and nitrous oxide

Through shared decision-making with our patients, we are able to keep our interventions low; we have a primary C-section rate of 22 percent and an episiotomy rate of 4 percent.

Our specialized facilities include:

  • Labor and delivery suite: Our state-of-the-art technology includes a central fetal monitoring unit that allows your providers to watch your baby’s heart rate and your contractions from anywhere on the floor.
  • Postpartum units: We make it easy to keep your baby in your room with you, but also offer a newborn nursery. We’ll teach you and your family about baby care, breast care, and self-care.
  • Neonatal intensive care unit: Should the need arise, we have everything you need, including advanced electronic monitoring devices, mechanical ventilators, and incubators.

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We offer a full range of Obstetrics and Gynecology Care in addition to pregnancy and childbirth services.