We Find a Way

At Mount Sinai, whatever the challenge, whatever the question, there is no answer we can’t find, no problem we can’t solve, as long as we continuously keep working to find a way.

The Mount Sinai Health System was founded to relentlessly advance medicine for more people in the communities we serve. The people captured in these compelling images are real. Explore the campaign below.

Our 60-Second Ad

Don’t let anyone tell you there are things we cannot change. Learn more about how we've spent the past twenty years advancing ways to repair heart valves so more people can return to their normal lives, are shaving hours off stroke treatment times to save more people from disability, and created the first Center for Post-COVID Care. All so our patients can live longer, healthier lives.

Our 30-Second Ad

If anyone ever tells you there's no other way, don't listen. At Mount Sinai, we find a way.

Our Campaign Print Ad

At Mount Sinai, we're doing hard things all the time. We're working on ways to get the immune system to deploy billions of cancer-killing cells and help more patients survive. We created the first Center for Post-COVID Care to help those who experienced mysterious COVID symptoms and had nowhere to go. And we're pioneering a bypass that goes through a few tiny incisions to help people get back on their feet in weeks instead of months.