Pediatric Orthopedics and Scoliosis

The Orthopedics team at The Mount Sinai Hospital specializes in treating children and adolescents with scoliosis. Baron S. Lonner, MD, is world renowned for innovative, minimally invasive and non-fusion approaches to treating young patients and getting them back to the activities they love. Every child is different, and our team strives to make each of our young patients feel welcome and comfortable. Parents can be assured that their child is receiving the most advanced and expert care available, as The Mount Sinai Hospital has been ranked No. 11 in the nation for Orthopedics by U.S. News & World Report® for 2023-24.

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What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine curves in an “S” shape to the right or the left. It may occur in the upper or lower back, and the curvature may be mild or severe. Scoliosis may be present from birth or develop during the growth of the child, most commonly. Small curves are often a natural part of the growth process and may correct themselves over time. But if you, or your child’s pediatrician or school, observe curvature happening in your child, you should see a specialist to determine if it is scoliosis and needs to be treated. Scoliosis also may also occur with underlying neuromuscular disorders, such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, or other condition.

Treatments We Offer

For children, there are several minimally invasive procedures available that allow for growth and preserve flexibility. Our team is known worldwide for our expertise in:

Vertebral Body Tethering (VBT), also known as Anterior Scoliosis Correction Surgery, is a non-fusion procedure. Dr. Lonner is one of the original developers of this approach. This approach, which results in correction over time, tethers one side of the spine with a flexible cord connected to anchors. The tethered side grows less than the other side and progressively corrects the curvature of the spine. This approach is performed with a minimally invasive approach and allows for the spine to remain flexible, to grow, and have a faster recovery and return to activities than the traditional spinal fusion.

ApiFix® Non-Fusion Procedure, designed in consultation with Dr. Lonner, implants a self-adjusting rod that allows for correction over time and can accommodate future growth. With only three anchor points, the system is designed for easier movement and rapid return to activities.

Bracing is a non-surgical treatment that can control the progression of scoliosis and is used for some forms of childhood scoliosis. It does not correct the curve, but merely slows or prevents the development of the condition. It is very effective when prescribed early and worn as recommended by the doctor.

Spinal Fusion Surgery permanently joins two or more vertebrae to stabilize the spine and correct curvature. It is the most common treatment, however, when possible, the Mount Sinai team chooses less invasive and motion-sparing options.

Why Mount Sinai

Our team, under the leadership and expertise of Dr. Lonner, has an international reputation for treating scoliosis and have been innovators in the development of minimally invasive surgery for both children and adults. Our non-fusion, motion, and growth-preserving tethering procedures, have helped many children—including athletes—get back to the activities they love. Through our research into scoliosis and its treatment, we have been innovators and have helped thousands of children around the world to lead active, happier lives.