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The occasional muscle or joint ache is probably nothing to worry about, but joint pain that lingers or is severe could be a sign of a serious problem. Pain is the body’s alarm system, and lets you know that something is wrong. With joint pain, it is often difficult to determine the cause. That’s where a Mount Sinai Health System orthopedic specialist comes in. Our team will work to identify your problem and create a treatment plan to help you face each day with less pain and more mobility.

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Conditions we treat:

Mount Sinai has extensive orthopedic treatment programs for both children and adults. Our exceptional specialists treat conditions ranging from disc herniation and spinal disorders to partial and full joint replacement. We have a comprehensive sports medicine program and treat all hand and upper extremity problems. Learn more about orthopedic care at Mount Sinai, or call 877-293-0486 to schedule an appointment.