Ismail El-Hamamsy, MD, PhD, joins Mount Sinai Health System’s Department of Cardiovascular Surgery as System Director of Aortic Surgery.

Dr. El-Hamamsy’s expertise in aortic valve reconstruction is a perfect complement to Mount Sinai’s existing leadership in mitral valve reconstruction, and distinguishes our program as one of the best and most comprehensive reconstructive valve centers anywhere. For patients who hope to avoid receiving an artificial replacement valve that may require a lifetime of blood thinners, valve reconstruction offers the potential of a lifetime cure and a normal quality of life.

For the past decade, Dr. El-Hamamsy directed the Montreal Heart Institute’s aortic surgery program, where he founded its Aortic and Connective Tissue Clinics. His specialty is aortic root reconstructive surgery in young adults – including those patients suffering complex heritable and connective tissue disorders – and he has performed more than 700 Ross procedures and valve-sparing operations. Very few surgeons have such specific experience.