Esophageal Cancer Surgery

Esophageal cancer is a rare, but extremely serious illness that affects the esophagus—the hollow tube that connects the throat to the stomach. While chemotherapy and radiation may be used as supporting treatments, surgery—called esophagectomy—is usually the primary treatment. At The Esophageal Cancer Center at Mount Sinai, our approach is to minimize the life-threatening complications that can result from esophagectomy, and to protect the patient’s quality of life. Under the leadership of Raja M. Flores, MD, Director, a recognized leader in the field of thoracic surgery, the team has pioneered a new approach to esophagectomy that minimizes trauma for patients and helps them to recover quicker. This innovative surgical technique promotes better blood flow at the new juncture point in the esophagus and requires less manipulation of internal organs, which helps eliminate complications such as leaking or constriction. Patients are able to get back to eating regular food a week after surgery without feeding or drainage tubes. This procedure for esophagectomy has been proven to provide patients excellent outcomes. If you have esophageal cancer, our specialists provide thorough, compassionate care—as well as the latest treatments.

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Our Services

The Esophageal Cancer Center offers the full range of state-of-the-art diagnostics, treatments, and services. 

Diagnostics: An upper GI series, chest x-rays, and CT scan are often the starting point to diagnose esophageal cancer. However, the Esophageal Cancer Center offers advanced tools such as confocal microendoscopy, which allows us to gain microscopic images of the esophagus as well as standard images.

Treatments: In addition to the latest robotic and minimally invasive surgical techniques, the Esophageal Cancer Center offers chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and post-operative treatments to make swallowing easier and to ease pain.

Other Services: You will have access to a full range of specialists—from gastroenterologists to oncologists to nutritionists. Our goal is to always treat the person, not just the disease. Your mental well-being, your quality of life, as well as your medical condition are all important to us. We are with you, at every step of your journey.