Frequently Asked Questions

What is a specialty pharmacy and why do I need one?

A specialty pharmacy provides injectable, oral, and infused medications that are complex. These medications often require special storage or handling and may not be readily available at your local pharmacy. Sometimes these medications have side effects that require monitoring by a trained pharmacist. Mount Sinai Specialty Pharmacy provides these medications while also offering excellent customer service and clinical support to you and your caregivers.

How can I contact the Mount Sinai Specialty Pharmacy?

You may:

  • Call us at any of our locations
  • Stop by one of our Mount Sinai Pharmacies during operating hours
  • Ask to speak to a specialty pharmacy employee during your next clinic visit

How do I refill my medications?

We will call you with refill reminders several days before you should need a refill. However, you may also contact us at any time to request a refill. Please give us a five-day advance notice so that we may address any issues that may have occurred since we last filled your medication.

What if I need to refill my prescription before my plan allows because I lost my medication or I am going on vacation?

If you need to refill your prescription early, call us and we will explain your options.

How much will my medications cost?

The price for your specialty pharmacy medication will vary based on your insurance plan. We will tell you this amount after we have processed your prescription.

What if I can’t afford my medications?

You may be eligible for financial assistance through drug companies or charities. We will perform a full review of options available, tell you about available options, and enroll you in the program if you meet eligibility requirements.

What if my insurance company doesn’t cover my medication?

Our staff works directly with your physician and insurance company to obtain coverage for your therapy. If it is denied, your physician will discuss other options with you.

Can I get access to my specialty medication if I do not have prescription insurance?

Some drug companies offer a Free Drug Program. If that’s available, we will help you enroll in the program.

Does Mount Sinai Specialty Pharmacy have access to all specialty medications?

Mount Sinai Specialty Pharmacy has access to most specialty medications. If we do not have access, we will transfer your prescription to a pharmacy that does and have the new pharmacy contact you.

Will my insurance company let Mount Sinai Specialty Pharmacy dispense the drug?

Mount Sinai Specialty Pharmacy can dispense for most insurance companies. Occasionally your insurance company will require the use of another pharmacy. In these instances, we will transfer your prescription and have the new pharmacy contact you.

Will you ever substitute my medication with another medication?

Your insurance company may require that a generic drug be substituted for a brand-name drug. Generic drugs have the same dosage, safety, and strength as brand-name drugs. They are taken the same way as the brand-name drug. However, not every brand-name drug has a generic alternative available.

Will Mount Sinai Specialty Pharmacy ever call me?

We will call you to:

  • Confirm the initial status of your prescription and copay amount.
  • Set up the initial dispense and refills.

We may also call you to:

  • Verify prescription insurance information.
  • Obtain documentation of your income to enroll you in a financial assistance program.
  • Counsel you on the medication, if this was not completed during your physician visit.
  • Confirm that your prescription has been transferred to another specialty pharmacy.
  • Notify you of any FDA recalls of your medication.

When should I contact Mount Sinai Specialty Pharmacy?

  • Your address, telephone number, or insurance information has changed.
  • You have any questions regarding the status of your prescription.
  • You have concerns regarding how to take your medication.
  • You would like additional information regarding your plan for therapy.
  • You suspect an error in shipping or dispensing has occurred.
  • You suspect the FDA has recalled your medication.
  • You are running low on medication and have not received a call.
  • You have any questions regarding your prescription claim or billing.

What should I do if I have an adverse reaction to the medication?

An adverse reaction is any unwanted, uncomfortable or dangerous effect that a drug may have. If you experience an adverse drug reaction, you should contact the Mount Sinai Specialty Pharmacy or your prescribing physician right away. Call 911 or have someone drive you to a local Emergency Room if the reaction appears serious or life threatening.

Can I return my prescriptions?

Most prescription medications cannot be returned to the pharmacy. Please call us if you have any concerns about your medication or if you experience mechanical problems with your injectable drug.

How do I dispose of unused medications?

While it is important to follow your doctor’s instructions and use all medications as instructed, sometimes a change of therapy may result in unused medication. Unused medications must be disposed of properly to avoid harm to wildlife, pets and people. Do not flush or pour unused medications down a sink or drain. When discarding unused medications, protect children and pets by doing the following:

  • Pour medication into a sealable plastic bag. If medication is solid (pill, liquid capsule, etc.), add water to dissolve it.
  • Add kitty litter, sawdust, or coffee grounds (any material that mixes with the medication and makes it less appealing to eat) to the plastic bag.
  • Seal the plastic bag and put it in the trash.
  • Remove and destroy ALL identifying personal information (prescription label) from all medication containers before recycling them or throwing them away.
  • You may also take unused or expired drugs to one of the many medication disposal stations located in fire stations, police stations, and pharmacies around the community.
  • If you have any questions, please consult your Mount Sinai Specialty Pharmacy pharmacist.