Mount Sinai Doctors Downtown - Multi-Specialty Telemedicine Appointments

Mount Sinai Doctors Downtown offers telemedicine/video appointments, in a variety of specialties, to maximize the patient experience and efficiency. We recognize during this heightened alert about COVID-19, that this convenient service is extremely helpful by reducing your potential risk of exposure. Used primarily for selected new and follow-up care, that do not require an in person visit, these appointments may be made with one of our specialists, to provide you with the health care you need.

Telemedicine is an effective channel to receive quality care without the need of commuting for your appointment. As a patient, you can enjoy the various benefits of real-time video visits, from the safety and comfort of your home.

We appreciate your understanding that some conditions we evaluate, monitor, and treat require a physical examination and/or diagnostic evaluation in one of our locations. However, we are encouraging telemedicine visits to start the conversation about patients’ symptoms and determine next steps, which can include prescribing medications, if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Telemedicine

Which specialists offer telemedicine appointments?









Pain Management & Rehab


How do I book a telemedicine appointment?
If you are an existing patient, you can schedule a virtual video visit directly through your MyMountSinai account. If you are a new patient, you can sign up and create a MyMountSinai account. Another option is to visit our physician's profile links (listed above), where you will find our providers' available video appointments and can directly schedule your appointment.

You can also text “Hello” to 474-624 between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm to schedule your appointment. You will be redirected to a secure chat portal to easily book an appointment without a phone call.

What kind of phone, tablet or computer setup is required?
MyMountSinai telemedicine appointments can be performed using the MyMountSinai app (found in the Google Play store or iTunes) on any Android, iOS phone, or tablet released in the last few years.

Once you have scheduled an appointment, visit our MyMountSinai webpage to find instructions entailing how to download and use the app for your video visit, and what to do in preparation of your video visit.

Is my health care information safe while participating in this online visit?
Mount Sinai employs encrypted, HIPAA-compliant technology to connect you with our doctors. No one is present in the room with the doctor or listening on the line; you can confidently discuss your health in a secure environment.

Is there a copay for a telemedicine visit?
Yes, there is a copay for appointments not related to COVID-19.