Social workers offer a wide range of pediatric social work services to children and their families. Social workers help promote mental and physical health and enable families to manage the psycho-social consequences of chronic or acute illness. Individual, family and group counseling is available as are a number of specialized, population-specific programs for children with chronic and life threatening illnesses. Social workers coordinate and conduct psycho-education programs for children living with chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, or asthma; and offer a variety of support groups for parents of children with special needs. In addition, bereavement services are provided to families who have suffered perinatal loss or a child’s death. Assistance is also offered to families who have special resource and case management needs.

Specialized Pediatric Programs

  • Meet Me at Mount Sinai: A Preoperative Preparation Program for children and caretakers
  • Parents Sharing: A program for parents of infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Pediatric Palliative Care
  • The East Harlem Asthma Counseling Program
  • Pediatric HIV Social Work Program:  funded through the Northern Manhattan Maternal-Child HIV Project: Partnership for Family Health
  • The Family and Child Support Program: Offering a variety of services related to family violence and child protection Pediatric School Health Programs: Offering social work services in four elementary and junior high schools in East Harlem