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American Sign Language Interpreter

Full/Part Time: Part Time
Location/Affiliates: The Mount Sinai Hospital
Department: 253 - Patient Service Ctr
Requisition Number: 13-1601818

Job Description:

The American Sign Language Interpreter (ASL) is responsible for bridging the communication gap between deaf patients and/or their family members and the medical provider.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. 1) Communicates as clearly as possible for both hearing and non-hearing persons, by use of hands and fingers to translate spoken English to American Sign Language, as well as spoken English into American Sign Language.
2. 2) Conducts medical and general (ASL) interpreting for staff, patients and their families.
3. 3) Assesses and monitors patients' understanding of information conveyed.
4. 4) Records and monitors interpretation activities according to hospital and department standards.
5. 5) Communicates as clearly as possible for the non-hearing patient and/or family member and the medical provider.
6. 6) Conveys thoughts and feeling as accurately as possible and does not impose his/her ideas.
7. 7) Relays information in an accurate and concise manner and does not omit, change or add information.
8. 8) Assists non-hearing in-patients and out-patients and/or family members throughout the medical center.
9. 9) Performs other duties as required.

Job Qualifications:

Must be fluent in American Sign Language.

Associate's required, Bachelor's preferred

RID (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf) Certified

CT (Certificate of Transliteration) or

CI (Certificate of Interpretation) or

NIC (National Interpreter Certification)

2-3 years interpreting experience in a medical setting

Must be compassionate and understanding of the needs of the patients

Mount Sinai Medical Center is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. We recognize the power and importance of a diverse employee population and strongly encourage applicants with various experiences and backgrounds. Mount Sinai Medical Center--An EEO/AA-D/V Employer.

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