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Respiratory Clinical Coordinator

Full/Part Time: Full Time
Location/Affiliates: The Mount Sinai Hospital
Department: 754 - Mch Resp Therapy
Requisition Number: 13-1572222

Job Description:

Under the guidance of the Respiratory Care Manager, and in accordance to specific instructions and established Departmental Policies and Procedures, the Clinical Coordinator provides care to those suffering from acute and chronic respiratory problems identify and troubleshoot problems that occur in patient care and equipment functions. Visits patients, assesses condition, reviews medical record, administers therapy and determines whether the therapy is effective. The Clinical Coordinator functions as a physician's assistant in consulting on specific patient care issues as it relates to respiratory therapy procedures.
The Coordinator functions as a clinical resource for staff therapists. In addition the Coordinator provides education and evaluation of staff as required. Assist in departmental data collection and other programs as required.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. The Clinical Coordinator will practice their profession as a member of the healthcare team in a manner for which the main consideration is the patients, physicians, peers, visitors, and other professionals.
2. The supervisor demonstrates support of the institution, the respiratory care department Mission/Philosophy & the institutional goals, values and bottom lines.
3. The provider will practice their profession so that their areas of work will reflect the highest achievable quality as defined by Departmental and professional standards. Self directed individual leadership and the Team participation will accomplish this.
4. Demonstrates leadership ability as Team Leader, teacher, and role model.
5. Shift oversight -Make sure hand off is completed and assignments are covered, Adjust assignments at any time as necessary.
6. Take sick, emergency, etc. calls and adjust staffing assignments as required. Days - 7 is standard, can go to 6, Nights - 6 is standard, can go to 5
7. Based on acuity at any given point in time, you must make decisions on whether or not extra staff is needed. Mandatory OT - you will designate mandatory overtime after requests for voluntary OT have been exhausted to no avail.
8. Check and make sure that staff has checked email, done TDS charting.
9. Provide necessary shift paperwork. Documentation in shift supervisor log on daily basis. Make sure staff hands in required activities sheets. All therapy record keeping, INO, Epoprostenol forms, etc. completed. Ventilator/BiPAP statistics sheets completed
10. Shift resource person. Answer calls from RT's pertaining to daily assignments, need for help, relief, etc. Assign available staff to help others in time of need and assist when necessary.
11. Being fully aware of all new equipment and procedures will provide assistance at any time.
12. Participating in Departmental Performance Improvement/BEST program. Collect data samples as assigned and hand in a timely manner.
13. Round with assigned staff and provide log sheets on monthly basis.
14. Round with managers to assess supervisor's needs.
15. Instruction and inservice education to respiratory therapists and hospital staff. Provide instruction and evaluation of skills on respiratory care equipment and procedures.
16. Evaluate staff on their clinical performance. Hand in assigned staff performance appraisals in timely manner. Perform staff yearly competency assessments
17. Document need for improvement with corrective action when necessary to meet departmental standards.
18. Follow HR and departmental policy and procedure.Document needed improvement. Administer disciplinary action in accordance with policy and procedure.
19. Provide education to students, nurses, physicians and other health care professionals in all aspects of Respiratory care procedure and equipment
20. Administers therapy modalities that include, but are not limited to, Hand held Nebulizer (HHN), HHN via meter-dose inhaler (HHN/MDI), Incentive Spirometry, and other modalities to improve patient secretion removal.
21. Administers therapy and monitors patients requiring, oxygen, aerosol, medical air, Helium/Oxygen, Nitric Oxide other types of inhaled gases.
22. Initiate ventilator therapies on adults, pediatrics, and infants. These therapies comprise basic and advanced techniques. Basic techniques include airway management, clinical assessments, modes of ventilation - CMV, SIMV, Flowby, Pressure Support,
23. CPAP and BiPAP. Advanced techniques include Pressure Control, HFOV and Inverse I: E., and other special modes for specific patient population.
24. Performs physiological monitoring that includes, but is not limited to, arterial punctures to obtain ABG, drawing blood from arterial lines (only with approval from ICU Director), bedside PFT's, capnography, pulse oximetry, and SpO2 monitoring.
25. Perform specialized procedures that include, but are not limited to, assistance, CPR, bronchial lavage, in-house and ambulance patient transport, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, veno - puncture, tracheostomy care and body mechanics/ambulation.
26. Demonstrates proficiency with age groups - adults, geriatrics, pediatrics, and infants as outlined in relation to level of service.
27. Cleans, maintains and sterilizes all related equipment.
28. Obtains and analyzes arterial and capillary blood samples (employees with approval from unit medical director)
29. Participate in clinical evaluations of Respiratory Therapist, students, etc.
30. In the absence of a Shift Supervisor, functions as supervisor/coordinator of the shift.
31. Provides inservice education to all RT staff, Nurses and others.
32. Equipment operated includes all ventilators, non-invasive and invasive monitors, nitric oxide administration, nebulized epoprostenol, compressors and other therapeutic devices.
33. Minor troubleshooting is required, though actual repair of equipment is not performed. Skill level for operating this equipment must be extensive.

Job Qualifications:

Graduate of a two-year RT program

Relevant clinical competence in RT, evidenced by a minimum of 24 months of progressively more responsible respiratory therapy experience.

Must hold the NPS (neonatal pediatric specialty) credential from the NBRC with strong experience working in the neonatal ICU.

Mount Sinai Medical Center is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. We recognize the power and importance of a diverse employee population and strongly encourage applicants with various experiences and backgrounds. Mount Sinai Medical Center--An EEO/AA-D/V Employer.

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