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Develop a Written COVID-19 Safety Program

The initial step is to organize a committee of individuals familiar with your work site, processes, and potential COVID-19 exposure scenarios. The committee should include management and employees or their representatives. The committee should produce a written program that should be considered a living document that may be modified as conditions change. NYS company’s COVID-19 risk mitigation programs should include all required provisions of the NYS Hero Act:

New York State (NYS) Hero Act 

The Act applies to NYS private sector employers. Under the Act, employers must develop a written exposure prevention plan. Employers can develop their own or adopt one of the industry specific programs available online. The plan must account for specific work site and industry hazards, i.e. health care, construction industry. The Act requires the participation of employees or their designated representatives in developing the plan. The plan must select appropriate exposure controls, such as medical screening, masks, distancing, hand hygiene, cleaning and disinfection. The Act comes into effect when a highly contagious communicable disease is designated by the NYS Health Commissioner. 

For general templates, or industry specific templates, visit the NYS Department of Labor's website.