Our Road Map

The Task Force is developing a road map to establish priorities and a process to address racism across the Mount Sinai Health System. The Task Force team consists of diversity, equity, and inclusion champions, including hospital and school leaders, students, trainees, staff, and Trustees. We have been meeting regularly throughout fall 2020, and have made significant progress.

In a crucial first step, we developed a problem statement shared by all Task Force members, acknowledging that systemic racism in our nation’s history has been incorporated into many institutions in society, including health care.

As a second step, we gained consensus on an overarching goal: for Mount Sinai to become an anti-racist health care and learning institution that intentionally addresses structural racism. We have taken the following steps to achieve this goal:

  • We created strategies for transformational change by looking broadly at what we do as an organization to deliver more equitable care; to invest in and retain a diverse workforce; to redesign business structures with an anti-racist and equity lens; and to more effectively instill anti-racism as a core element of the Mount Sinai culture.
  • We outlined actions or activities we will need to address each strategy, working with key subject matter experts and representative staff, students, and faculty across disciplines to define tactical and actionable interventions and initiatives.
  • We are committed to developing methods to track our progress, including an equity scorecard to measure, track, and promote what works. In some cases this will build on existing initiatives, such as the system-wide process for collecting patient registration data on race, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, and gender identity, and a Disparities Dashboard that provides data to inform research and patient care.

“We’ve made some substantial gains in diversity at Mount Sinai, but while it is important to acknowledge our accomplishments, we can’t afford to just look back. We need to keep pressing forward, building on our successes.”

– Gary C. Butts, MD