Well-Being: Mental Health Evaluation & Treatment Services

During this time of heightened emotions, it is normal to need additional support. We encourage you to seek mental health evaluation and/or treatment from the resources in the tabs below if you think you may benefit from connecting with a mental health professional.

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis:

Call below to connect with 24/7 Mental Health Crisis Response Teams, staffed by mental health professionals from Department of Psychiatry and Department Social Work:

MSB: 929-305-0180
MSBI and NYEEI: 929-305-0181
MSH: 929-305-0182
MSQ: 929-305-0183
MSM: 929-305-0184
MSW: 929-305-0185
MSSN: 516-390-2885
Students: 212-241-2400