Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We are taking every step possible to ensure your safety—and your first line of defense is your PPE. We understand how critically important it is, and we are ensuring that you have adequate supplies.

Guidelines for Clinical Staff

  • Universal masking with a surgical mask and eye protection required (not N-95 unless stated below)
  • Standard practice of hand hygiene
  • Accompanying symptomatic patients: gloves required for escorting patient to isolation room
  • No gowns required unless noted below
  • Adhere to all Universal Precautions protocol
  • Familiarize yourself with the Mount Sinai PPE Directory and Guidelines
  • Refer to Recommended PPE Guidelines for Ambulatory Office Visits, Procedures, and Testing document here.

Guidelines for Administrative Staff

  • Universal masking with surgical mask required
    • If patient facing, eye protection required
  • Standard practice of hand hygiene
  • No gloves required unless disinfecting high touch areas

Guidelines for Patients

  • If patient enters with a face covering that is not a surgical mask (e.g. homemade face covering, bandanas, scarves), please provide a surgical mask (not N-95).
  • Patients are not required to wear gloves: if patient has own gloves, advise to remove and perform hand hygiene