Cleaning Protocols and Environmental Services

Increased disinfection will play a key role as we return to normal operations—and we are ramping up our efforts across the Health System. But we can’t do it without you. Together, we can ensure and maintain a clean and safe environment in all our ambulatory care facilities. 

Protocols for Ambulatory Care Facilities

  • The following should be disinfected with disinfectant wipes between each patient: kiosks, iPads/tablets, pens and allow for appropriate wet time (consult the label on the canister)
    • Electronic devices: alcohol pads, Sani wipes-OK
  • Consult the label on the wipes canister to allow for appropriate wet time
  • Maintain the standard protocol of disinfecting rooms in between patients
  • Designated symptomatic patient exam room should have paper curtains
  • If there is a known COVID-19 positive patient, contact Environmental Services for terminal cleaning
  • See the list of cleaning product alternatives to see new products approved for use
  • If the following aerosol generating procedures have been performed in the room with a laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 patient or a patient under investigation, wait 30 minutes after the procedure before commencing terminal disinfection:
    • BIPAP, CPAP, and high flow (for the duration of therapy)
    • Intubation and bronchoscopy
    • Sputum induction or endotracheal aspirate collection
    • Nebulized treatment
    • Tracheostomy
    • Chest physiotherapy
    • Trach and airway suctioning
    • Bronchoalveolar lavage