There has been a troubling trend of anti-Asian racism and bias across the United States. Our mission is to address anti-Asian bias and racism by calling for accountability and building a strong community response.

Who we Are

To ensure we are effective in driving improvement and results, subcommittees have been created. Together, the subcommittees are dedicated to address all areas of anti-Asian bias and racism.

  • Safety and Outreach
    Workgroup Lead: Nolan Kagetsu, MD
    Explores the ways in which Mount Sinai can be made safer for Asian-American Sinai community members and works to have these implemented throughout the system. Safety is one of the MSHS Values and critical to the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our employees. 
  • Education
    Workgroup Leads: Vida Jong, MPA, and Hamel Vyas, Esq.
    Focuses on increasing ally ship though the sharing of information and educational opportunities concerning Asian-American history, culture, and anti-Asian racism as well as promoting the need for and amplifying research on the Asian-American population. Increasing knowledge and normalizing cultural diversity through education and research is key to becoming an anti-racist institution.
  • Communications
    Workgroup Leads: Vida Jong, MPA, and Hamel Vyas, Esq.
    Regular communication through newsletters, broadcasts, and websites keeps the MSHS community informed of our initiatives, achievements, and events. Consistent and transparent communication is essential in bringing about cultural change.
  • Professional Advancement
    Workgroup Lead: Brijen Shah, MD
    Concentrates on identifying the existing barriers to professional development and advancement for Asian-Americans at Mount Sinai and developing solutions to overcome these hurdles. Representation matters. Having AAPI leaders, role models, and mentors is crucial to this effort.