Episode 2- September 30th, 6 AM

Hosts Yamila Constantino and Dr. Eliscer Guzmán are joined by Endocrinologist, Dr. Carlos Driggs, who will examine diabetes, a serious disease that disproportionately affects Latinos.  Dr. Driggs will discuss the subtle symptoms of diabetes, the risk factors associated with this disease, and share information on how to keep your diabetes under control.

In “Caso Clínico” you will meet Belén González, a 37 year old single mother, who tells us how suffering a heart attack changed life for her and her family.  Finally, Dr. Eliscer Guzmán offers tips on how to be a well-informed patient and take better care of your health.

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nullCarlos F. Driggs, M.D., F.A.C.P. 
Endocrinology Specialist of ¡A tu Salud!

Dr. Carlos Driggs is an accomplished, board certified Endocrinologist, with a private practice located in the Bronx, specializing in geriatric medicine, diabetes management, lipid metabolism disorders, as well as thyroid, adrenal gland, and metabolic bone diseases. In addition to his practice, Dr. Driggs is an assistant professor of medicine at New York Medical College, where he is able to pass his comprehensive medical knowledge and personal experience down to the next generation of physicians.

Dr. Driggs prides himself in his commitment to the health and wellness of the surrounding community. Throughout his career he has been involved in various community outreach initiatives where he has been able to provide education and counseling to empower those in the community. Dr. Driggs is also a member of several medical associations, including the American Medical Association, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, and the American Diabetes Association.

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