The Mount Sinai Hospital applied its medical expertise to the TV screen, creating ¡A tu salud!, the first health and wellness TV series created especially for the Latino community by the Hospital.  This 13 week series spotlights the key health issues plaguing the Latino community and teaches viewers how to overcome illness and take charge of their health through inspirational, informative and uplifting stories. ¡A tu salud! was created in response to the needs of the Hispanic community which is disproportionately affected by diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and HIV/Aids among others.

Episode 13- December 16th, 6 AM

Hosts, Yamila Constantino and Dr. Eliscer Guzmán, are joined by a panel of medical experts from The Mount Sinai Hospital, who explain important preventive measures to keep illness at bay and avoid damaging health conditions that largely affect the Latino community.  In “Caso Clínico”, Josie Guzmán, a medical executive, shares her personal journey with diabetes and how one of the happiest events of her life was also one of the saddest.

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