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  • PROFESSOR Medicine, Clinical Immunology
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  • Roche Institute of Molecular Biology

  • M.D., U. Federal de Pernambuco

  • Ph.D., University of California



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Specific Clinical/Research Interest: Chemokines; leukocyte trafficking; angiogenesis; lymphoid development; mouse genetics; cancer inflammation

Postdoctoral Fellows: Lili Chen, Zhengziang He, Vladislav Volarevic

Research Personnel: Research Assistants: Claudia Canasto, Madhura Deshpande, Miranda Mao, Joshua Rivera

Summary of Research Studies:
We use genetic approaches in mice to study the function of cytokines and their receptors in leukocyte trafficking, inflammation and cancer. Recent work in the laboratory focuses:

1) on the role of chemokine-like molecules encoded by herpes and poxviruses in immune evasion and tumorigenesis; and

2) on the role of chemokines in lymphoid organogenesis and autoimmunity.

3) role of microbiome inflammation in cancer.

For more information, please visit the Immunology Institute website.


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