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Roberto Lucchini, MD
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    • PROFESSOR | Environmental Medicine & Public Health
    • PROFESSOR | Medicine, Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
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Since 2012 Dr. Lucchini has been Director of the Division of Occupational Medicine, Professor of Preventive Medicine, Director of the World Trade Center, Data Center and Director of NIOSH Education and Research Center for New York and New Jersey. He is also Associate Professor at the University of Brescia, Italy, Division of Occupational Medicine.

His research is focused on the health effects of neurotoxic chemicals and the biological mechanisms by which metals, pesticides, solvents, persistent organic pollutants, particulate matter in the environment and workplace cause injury in the human nervous system.  Dr. Lucchini and his team have developed quantitative, state-of-the-art testing methodologies and advanced computerized instruments to assess an array of neurological functions including cognitive, motor, behavioral and sensory functions. He and his team have conducted studies in occupational groups, children and elderly with funding from the Italian National Fund, the European Union and NIEHS. Dr. Lucchini serves as principal investigator on a multi-institutional research project supported by an RO1 grant from NIEHS that is examining neurologic function in adolescents exposed to ambient manganese, and a case control study on genetic and environmental determinants of Parkinsonism in the province of Brescia, Italy.  This investigation is an international consortium that includes the University of Brescia, University of California at Santa Cruz, Harvard School of Public Health, Columbia and Rutgers Universities.

New research topics in the New York Metropolitan Area are focused on the assessment of health outcomes in metal exposed welders, sandhog workers exposed to silica in tunnel construction, transportation workers and community exposed to diesel.


MD, University of Brescia

Board Certification, University of Parma