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Michael Jason, MD
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    • LECTURER | Medicine, Cardiology
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Dr. Michael Jason specializes in the areas of Clinical and Preventive Cardiology, Hypertension, and Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Imaging.

He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiology.  Dr. Jason is the Medical Director of Long Island Heart Associates (LIHA) Manhasset Cardiovascular Imaging Center. 

In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Jason also specializes in Aviation Medicine.  He is a Senior Medical Examiner and Serves as a cardiovascular consultant to the United States Federal Air Surgeon for the Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.).  Locally, Dr. Jason is a Fire Surgeon for the Alert Fire Company and a Police Surgeon for local municipalities.

Dr. Michael Jason received his medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.  His post-graduate clinical and research cardiology training was completed at Cornell University Medical College with expertise in cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, left ventricular dysfunction, hyperlipidemia, and non-invasive cardiovascular imaging. 

Dr. Jason is a distinguished fellow of the American College of Physicians and the American College of Cardiology.  Dr. Jason is also a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine with the Division of Cardiology, at the New York University School of Medicine.