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Bernard Cohen

  • PROFESSOR Neurology
  • ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Structural and Chemical Biology
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  • Neurology, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Training Areas


  • MD, New York University School of Medicine

  • Internship, Internal Medicine
    Mount Sinai Hospital

  • Residency, Neurology
    New York University School of Medicine

  • Residency, Psychiatry
    Hillside Hospital

  • Fellowship, Neurophysiology
    Columbia University


Specific Clinical/Research Interest:
Vestibular control of natural movement in animals and humans, on earth and in space

Current Students: Julia Eron

Postdoctoral Fellows: Yasuhiro Osaki, Yongqing Ziang, Danje Zhu, Hamish Macdougall

Research Personnel: Juan Martinez, Sergey Tarasenko, Dmitri Ogorodnikov
Summary of Research Studies:
Studies in our laboratory are dedicated toward understanding the neural basis for spatial orientation in humans and animals, on Earth and in space. Techniques utilized include precise recordings of head, eye, body, and limb movements in three-dimensional space while humans and monkeys perform natural linear and circular locomotion. Also ongoing are behavioral (eye movement) studies on animals and humans utilizing multiaxis vestibular stimulators. Single unit recordings are done in the brainstem and cerebellum of animals performing behavioral tasks or in response to linear and angular acceleration. Multiunit recordings of muscle sympathetic nerve activity are utilized in humans to study vestibulosympathetic reflexes. Also in progress are studies utilizing centrifugation and eye movement recordings of astronauts before, during and after space flight. Studies on treatment of motion sickness in humans are also in progress. Mathematical modeling is an integral part of the approach to describing how neural organizations in the brainstem and cerebellum code spatial orientation.


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Eron JN, Cohen B, Raphan T, Yakushin SB. Adaptation of orientation vec tors of otolith-related central vestibular neurons to gravity. J Neurophysiol 2008; 100(3): 1686-1690.

Osaki Y, Kunin M, Cohen B, Raphan T. Relative contribution of walking velocity and stepping frequency to the neural control of locomotion. Exp Brain Res 2008; 185: 121-135.

Xiang Y, John P, Yakushin SB, Kunin M, Raphan T, Cohen B. Dynamics of quadrupedal locomotion of monkeys: implications for central control. Exp Brain Res 2007; 177(4): 551-572.

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Yakushin SB, Xiang Y, Raphan T, Cohen B. Spatial distribution of gravity dependent gain changes in the vestibulo-ocular reflex (DOI, 10.1152/jn.01269.2004). J Neurophysiol 2005;.

Moore ST, Cohen B, Raphan T, Berthoz A, Clement G. Spatial orientation of optokinetic nystagmus and visual tracking during orbital space flight. Exp Brain Res 2005; 160: 38-59.

Dai M, Kunin M, Raphan T, Cohen B. The relation of motion sickness to the spatial-temporal properties of velocity storage. Exp. Brain Res 2003; 151: 173-189.

Raphan T, Cohen B. The vestibulo-ocular reflex in three dimensions. Exp. Brain Res 2002; 145: 1-27.

Kaufmann H, Biaggioni I, Voustianiouk A, Diedrich A, Costa F, Clarke R, Gizzi M, Raphan T, Cohen B. Vestibular control of sympathetic activity; an otolith-sympathetic reflex in humans. Exp. Brain Res 2002; 143: 463-469.

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Fax: 212-831-1610


Atran Berg Laboratory Building Room 105 (Lab: Human)
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