No More "Missed Opportunities" for Liver Recipient

Weakened by a severe case of hepatitis C, family man Edward Infante — rejuvenated by a new liver — can now attend all his sons’ sports events.

Thanks to an organ donor, retired NYC police sergeant Ed Infante is enjoying the simple pleasures of everyday life with his wife of 27 years, Helen, and his two sons, Kevin and Brian.

More than 40 years ago Ed required multiple blood transfusions following a near fatal car accident. Unfortunately, he contracted hepatitis C as a result of those transfusions. The past few years were particularly rough, as Ed’s liver function worsened.

"I missed out on so many opportunities because I was always so tired and unwell," Ed said.

Now, just three months after transplantation, Ed’s wife says "I have my Ed back."

Ed cherishes every moment and is very grateful to the team at Mount Sinai and the donor family who gave him this fresh start in life.

"Both of my sons play for varsity college teams," Ed said. "Over the past years I couldn’t attend their games. My mission this year is to be at all of the games. No more missed opportunities."