Treatment Program

Children remain in the hospital for a length of stay individualized to their needs, ranging from several days to weeks. Extensive opportunities for observation, assessment, and intervention are possible in this 24-hour intensive setting. We gear therapeutic activities to the child’s developmental level. The New York City Board of Education provides a full-day school program, and children earn academic credit for attendance during their stay.

Treatment plans include a combination of

  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Behavior management
  • Family counseling
  • School intervention 
  • Medication, as required 

Staff members develop an individualized treatment plan emphasizing safety for each patient during the hospital stay. The plan is closely coordinated with families, outpatient providers, and other support services to recommend and coordinate aftercare plans.

Our Treatment Team

The inpatient treatment team is led by a board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist, and includes an interdisciplinary staff consisting of registered nurses, social workers, medical resident postgraduate doctors, occupational and recreational therapists, mental health workers and New York State certified special education teachers. Pediatricians from a full range of medical subspecialties are available for consultations if needed. The multi-disciplinary staff works with families and other support systems involved with the child and his/her care throughout the child’s stay.

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