New York Daily News - Dr. Abigail Allen Comments: “Watching Adolescents For Scoliosis, A Common And Progressive Spine Ailment”

 – August 31, 2011 /Press Release/  –– 

Although back-to-school physicals often include a test for scoliosis, most parents would be surprised to hear just how common this back problem is. "Two to three percent of the adolescent population has scoliosis, a deformity in which the spine is rotated, or twisted, in a way it shouldn't be," says Dr. Abigail Allen from The Mount Sinai Medical Center. "Only an extreme minority of cases are severe enough to call for surgery." Some cases of scoliosis are invisible to the naked eye, but some are very pronounced. "The technical definition of scoliosis is a curve in the front plane of the spine that measures 11 degrees or more," says Dr. Allen. Learn more