The New York Times - Dr. Bradford Parsons: “For Lefty Relievers, a Danger of Overuse”

New York, NY
 – August 8, 2012 /Press Release/  –– 

As the Mets’ Tim Byrdak continues to weigh his options after learning Monday that he tore the anterior capsule in his pitching shoulder, he has discovered there are inherent risks associated with being his team’s sole reliable left-handed reliever. Many say the medical field is still playing catch-up to the sport, and it is understood that a certain amount of uncertainty is attached to even the most widely accepted pitch counts and innings limits. Bradford Parsons, MD, agreed, and said it was even hazier for relievers, as most medical studies focused on starters who pitched on controlled, finely tuned schedules. “With relief pitchers, it’s even less known what the right number of pitches they can throw day to day is and how many days they can go without a day off,” Parsons said. “I think that’s why certain injuries can be frequent in relievers — that data is even more arbitrarily set.” Learn more