New York Daily News - Dr. Michael Hausman: “Daily Checkup: With Spring's Increase in Physical Activity Comes a Rise in Wrist Injuries”

 – May 11, 2014  –– 

Along with the springtime activity ramp-up comes the risk of sports injuries as a result of falls or overuse. “As people become more active, falls are one of the most common problems, and wrist injuries and falls go hand in hand,” said Michael Hausman, MD, Interim Chairman of the Department of Orthopaedics at The Mount Sinai Hospital. “Many of these injuries may be common wrist sprains, but the key is to seek medical attention if your wrist is symptomatic for more than a week or two.” The wrist is made up of a network of bones and ligaments. “Because humans used to walk on all fours, the joint has changed radically from a weight-bearing one to a joint adapted for very fine manipulations and movements,” said Dr. Hausman. “It’s very complex joint with motions in many directions, and it’s probably the most complex and least well understood joint in the body.” Learn more