A Very Rare Transplant Saves Baby Anthony

March 30, 2012
Anthony Gallagher is a happy and curious two year-old now. But that was not the case in November 2010. Born with a badly damaged liver, he desperately needed a liver transplant or he would die. “Anthony might actually be the sickest child I’ve ever transplanted,” says Dr. Sander Florman, Director of the Recanati/Miller Transplantation at Mount Sinai and a surgeon specializing in liver transplant surgery. A liver donated by a deceased organ donor became available, but it was too big for Anthony, who weighed less than 10 pounds. Dr. Florman and Mount Sinai surgeon Marcelo Facciuto, MD, also a specialist in liver transplantation, describe the rare technique they used, known as a monosegment graft, to cut the donated liver down into the smallest anatomical size to fit Anthony and successfully implant it into his body. This type of transplant surgery is done only once or twice a year in the United States.