Mom Gives Baby Daughter the Gift of Life

April 2, 2012
In 2011, Jennilynne Barters and her husband faced not only the challenge of being separated due to his military service in Afghanistan, but the news that their infant daughter Ellieanna had biliary atresia, a rare, life-threatening liver condition. When an operation failed to correct the problems caused by biliary atresia, the Barters turned to Mount Sinai's Recanati/Miller Transplantation Institute (RMTI). Mount Sinai's multidisciplinary transplant team is well-known for its expertise in the most advanced, state-of-the-art liver transplantation techniques. A series of screening tests at Mount Sinai determined that Jennilynne could donate a piece of her liver to her then seven month-old daughter. Using an advanced liver transplantation technique known as split-liver transplantation, RMTI's liver transplantation team successfully removed a small portion of Jennilynne's liver and implanted it in Ellieanna. Today, mother and daughter are both doing well. Here, Mount Sinai surgeons Dr. Sander Florman and Dr. Marcelo Facciuto and RN Transplant Coordinator Tara Keegan tell the story of Jennilynne's living donation and Ellieanna's good prognosis for a healthy life.