Evaluation and Sleep Study

Most patients will have an initial consultation which will include a medical and surgical history. If you can, keep a sleep log for two weeks and bring it to your initial consultation. Some patients will also have pulmonary function tests and blood work.

After consultation with a sleep specialist, each patient is diagnosed. In some cases one visit is sufficient for a diagnosis to be made and a treatment plan formulated. In many cases the evaluation will require an overnight sleep study or polysomnography (PSG). Rarely daytime studies may be indicated.

About the Sleep Study

An overnight sleep study  is completed by 8:00 am, and it is usually not necessary to miss a day of work. The patient is monitored by painless, noninvasive technology. A PSG records breathing, heart rate, brain waves, oxygen levels, and eye and leg movement. After evaluation the appropriate treatment for your condition is determined.

Call the Sleep Center for questions or further information on preparing for your sleep study.

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