Your Visit 

Before your first visit:

  • You will receive a detailed asthma questionnaire by mail prior to your appointment. The information in the questionnaire will help your doctor get to know you better and will also help him or her design a treatment plan that is just right for you.

  • Our staff will remind you of your appointment with us on the business day before it is scheduled. 

Your first visit:

  • Upon arrival, you will register and return your asthma questionnaire to the receptionist if you have not already done so.

  • Your height and weight will be measured in order to calculate your body mass index (BMI).

  • One of our pulmonary function technologists will have you perform complete lung function testing.

  • You will be evaluated by an asthmatologist. The doctor will have your questionnaire and all of your test results available for review.

  • You may have blood tests performed that will include assessment for allergy.

  • The doctor may suggest that you have a chest radiograph for further evaluation.

  • After you have been evaluated, we will review your treatment plan. This will include going over your medications, reviewing recommended diet, exercise and behavioral modifications and providing you with a peak flow meter prescription and an asthma symptom diary. If appropriate, you will be given a flu vaccine or pneumonia vaccine.

  • It is possible that you will be referred for further testing and evaluation by other specialists. Testing may include allergy skin tests, methacholine bronchoprovocation (diagnostic test for asthma), exercise evaluation, bone densitometry (to assess for osteoporosis), or laryngoscopy or upper endoscopy (to assess for acid reflux).

  • Before you leave, you will be given a follow up appointment as well as appointments for any additional testing or consultations.

  • You should be aware that many of the tests that your doctor will order will be performed at the office for your convenience. This includes lung function tests, blood tests, and a chest radiograph. All of the other tests can be performed at The Mount Sinai Hospital.

After your first visit:

  • At your request, the asthmatologist will send a letter to your personal physician(s). This letter will summarize all of the findings of your evaluation. 

Follow up Visits:

  • The frequency of follow up will be determined by the severity of your asthma.

  • You will undergo repeat lung function testing.

  • You will be reevaluated by your asthmatologist who will have access to additional test results and consultation reports.

  • Your physician will review your peak flows, symptoms, and use of rescue medication and will formulate an action plan for you to use at home.

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