World Trade Center Worker Get Asthma Under Control

"I was referred to Dr. Gwen Skloot at Mount Sinai by doctors from the World Trade Center health screening program. I had developed asthma from exposure to World Trade Center related airborne irritants, while working for the NYC Police Department at the NYC Medical Examiner’s Office. Dr. Skloot immediately took charge of my healthcare. She ordered the testing necessary to access the condition of my lungs. She then prescribed the medications necessary to get the asthma symptoms under control. 

Not satisfied with the basic testing, Dr. Skloot referred me to an allergist and ear, nose and throat specialist. She wanted to make sure she covered every aspect for controlling the asthma I was suffering from. Each time I went for a check-up, she would evaluate my tests and take the time to ask question about my health. She would then use that information to adjust my medications so that they controlled my symptoms without over medicating me. Dr. Skloot always takes the time to ask questions about my health and listen to my concerns about the testing and medications necessary for keeping the asthma under control. 

Dr. Skloot is constantly accessing my well-being. She makes sure to keep abreast of my needs for testing, and the possible increase or decrease in medications to help me live a healthy productive life. Dr. Skloot and the staff at Mount Sinai are extremely helpful, welcoming and professional. I am truly thankful for a doctor like Gwen Skloot who is extremely dedicated to the well-being of her patients." 

James Abbazia, 49 
New York City