Nurse Practitioner Program

Nurse practitioners play a crucial, hybrid role at Mount Sinai Heart. Initially trained as nurses, they receive further education and certification that allows them to perform many of the same tasks that a hospital doctor performs. They prescribe medications, perform stress tests, check pacemakers, and assist in cardiac catheterizations. Their dual training affords them a unique perspective in making medical decisions.

More than 60 nurse practitioners work at Mount Sinai Heart. Of that number, about 30 work directly with hospitalized patients. In partnership with cardiologists, they provide 24-hour on-site care to more than 8,000 Mount Sinai Heart Hospital patients every year.

Mount Sinai's nurse practitioners consider continuing education an essential part of their profession. Each year, they organize and sponsor a symposium by and for cardiology nurse practitioners — the only one of its kind in the United States. At this gathering, Mount Sinai nurse practitioners and physicians address an audience of more than 300 medical professionals from around the country. Discussions focus on the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease from the singular perspective of a nurse practitioner.

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