- "Treatment with Robotic Surgery Offers Dramatic Benefit for People with Head and Neck Cancer"

New York, NY
 – July 27, 2012 /Press Release/  –– 

Predictors of disease severity in HPV-derived head and neck cancer, tobacco use, and the dramatic benefits of robotic surgery are among the landmark research presented by Mount Sinai School of Medicine at the Eighth International Conference on Head and Neck Cancer. “Early results of our study suggest a significant improvement in outcomes” with robotic surgery, said senior author Eric M. Genden, MD, Director of the Head and Neck Cancer Center at Mount Sinai. Transoral robotic surgery shows positive survival outcomes in treating head and neck cancer, according to a presentation from John R. de Almeida, MD, who conducted the research as an Otolaryngology fellow at Mount Sinai. And Andrew Sikora, MD, Assistant Professor, Otolaryngology at Mount Sinai co-authored a study that set out to determine whether the number of metastatic lymph nodes is an applicable measure of HPV-positive tonsil cancer. Learn more